Antonyms for acer

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Growing on the outer surface of the bark of Acer, Fagus, etc.

Growing out of fissures of the bark and wood of Hickory, Acer, etc.

The occasional forms in 'er' and 'il' will have similar power (acer, basil).

It is the dwarf maple (Acer glabrum) of the Northwest coast.

If you have been careful in your search you will finally stop at Acer saccharum.

A single genus, acer, includes from sixty to seventy species, widely distributed over the Northern Hemisphere.

The Maple (Acer campestre) is a much smaller tree, with a very rugged, corky bark.

The seeds inclosed were the samaras of Acer rubrum, called the "soft" maple in many localities, and "red" maple in others.

It occurs on stumps and rotten logs of various sorts in the Mississippi valley, more often affecting stumps of Acer saccharinum L.

Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) is generally called soft maple by lumbermen.