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The impact assessment accompanying this communication demonstrates that an emissions reduction of 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, is both economically feasible and beneficial for Europe, with proper policies in place.CAN EMISSIONS CUTS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH COEXIST? EUROPE IS CERTAIN THEY CANDAVID MEYERSEPTEMBER 17, 2020FORTUNE
It is no coincidence that such unusual surplus has been accompanied by such spectacular waste.DAWN OF THE HELIOCENE - ISSUE 90: SOMETHING GREENSUMMER PRAETORIUSSEPTEMBER 16, 2020NAUTILUS
The basic concept is to ask users to set a challenge asking users to film themselves carrying out a specific action or activity and post the video with an accompanying hashtag.DEEP DIVE: HOW THE SUMMER OF 2020 FORCED BRAND MARKETING TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTERJIM COOPERSEPTEMBER 14, 2020DIGIDAY
Friends and partners are welcome when accompanied by someone transmasculine.CALENDAR: SEPT. 4-10PHILIP VAN SLOOTENSEPTEMBER 4, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Profilaktika also accompanies those rare cases when people are allowed to use toilets.MISERY IN MINSKEUGENE ROBINSONAUGUST 18, 2020OZY
Von Neumann, who died in 1957, viewed poker as the perfect model for human decision making, for finding the balance between skill and chance that accompanies our every choice.THE DECK IS NOT RIGGED: POKER AND THE LIMITS OF AIMARIA KONNIKOVAAUGUST 7, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
These slaves were accompanied by middle-class freemen and freed immigrants, who hailed from varied regions like North Africa, Gaul, Spain, and even Egypt and Syria.OSTIA ANTICA: RECONSTRUCTION AND HISTORY OF THE HARBOR CITY OF ANCIENT ROMEDATTATREYA MANDALAPRIL 14, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
Each term is defined, used in context and accompanied by an audio clip so kids can hear how the words are pronounced.HERE ARE SOME FREE RESOURCES FOR KIDS (AND PARENTS) NOW LEARNING AT HOMESARAH ZIELINSKIMARCH 19, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
It’s the idea that a patient at a hospital, or a clinic is going to be discharged having already met a peer or someone who’s going to either accompany them to an appointment or they’ve met the doctor or clinician who will take care of them.THE OPIOID TRAGEDY, PART 2: “IT’S NOT A DEATH SENTENCE” (EP. 403)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJANUARY 23, 2020FREAKONOMICS
In Africa the ova, and even adults, of Distoma hmatobium are common, accompanying "Egyptian hematuria."A MANUAL OF CLINICAL DIAGNOSISJAMES CAMPBELL TODD


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