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In May, I asked the state’s public access counselor to review whether the City Council briefings violated the law.WHEN IS A MEETING NOT A MEETING AND A LAWMAKER NOT A LAWMAKER? WHEN IT’S LORI LIGHTFOOT’S CHICAGO.BY MICK DUMKESEPTEMBER 24, 2020PROPUBLICA
Unfortunately – and leaving the internet aside – federal programs to help access food, housing, and insurance vary widely from one state to another.PREGNANCY DURING A PANDEMIC: THE STRESS OF COVID-19 ON PREGNANT WOMEN AND NEW MOTHERS IS SHOWINGLGBTQ-EDITORSEPTEMBER 23, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
For diversity initiatives in the outdoor industry to be effective, we need sustainable solutions that will provide more access and gain the trust and support of minority communities.HOW OUTDOOR COMPANIES CAN BACK UP THEIR DEI PLEDGESKAI LIGHTNERSEPTEMBER 23, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
He said his organization continues to provide them with emotional support, apart from access to a housing program and health clinics.PUERTO RICANS WITH HIV/AIDS VULNERABLE 3 YEARS AFTER HURRICANE MARIAYARIEL VALDÉS GONZÁLEZSEPTEMBER 21, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Ten weeks later, though her complaints had been dismissed, she returned because the company said workers now had access to medical-grade masks.FOREIGN MASKS, FEAR AND A FAKE CERTIFICATION: STAFF AT CSL PLASMA SAY CONDITIONS AT DONATION CENTERS AREN’T SAFEBY J. DAVID MCSWANESEPTEMBER 21, 2020PROPUBLICA
Our study also highlights that improving access to sanitation facilities which are private and secure must be central to discussions on the prevention of sexual violence.WHY ACCESS TO DECENT TOILETS COULD HELP REDUCE SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN SOUTH AFRICALGBTQ-EDITORSEPTEMBER 21, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
Equal access to information regardless of ability to pay is foundational to a democratic society and is why public libraries exist.ONE OF THE GREAT ENEMIES OF THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IS DEPARTINGAARON PRESSMANSEPTEMBER 18, 2020FORTUNE
With a finger swipe across a smartphone, investors can access their accounts and see how their portfolios are doing.THE BEST WORKPLACES FOR WOMEN ARE EXPANDING THE TURF FOR WOMEN IN FINANCELBELANGER225SEPTEMBER 18, 2020FORTUNE
These metrics include rates of promotion, representation on every step of the corporate ladder, representation on boards, performance evaluation scores, and access to resources, sponsorships, and growth opportunities.COMPANIES MUST COMMIT TO EQUAL PAY TO MAKE STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM WORKMATTHEWHEIMERSEPTEMBER 18, 2020FORTUNE
A legitimate concern for a company would be that an employee with access to sensitive information could expose trade secrets, business plans, technologies, client lists, relationships, or vendor lists.NDAS BEAR BLAME FOR SOME OF THE WORST CORPORATE COVER-UPS. HOW THAT SHOULD CHANGEJAKEMETHSEPTEMBER 18, 2020FORTUNE


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