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That’s something this president has never been able to understand about the strength of the nation … One way to pull the strength of the nation together in a moment of crisis is to remind people we’re all in it together.ELECTION LIVE UPDATES: TRUMP RETURNS TO WISCONSIN; BIDEN TO FACE LIVE AUDIENCE AT TOWN HALLCOLBY ITKOWITZ, FELICIA SONMEZ, JOHN WAGNERSEPTEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
“This creates a substantial possibility that many voters will be disenfranchised and the states may not be able to effectively, timely, accurately determine election outcomes,” he said.FEDERAL JUDGE ISSUES TEMPORARY INJUNCTION AGAINST USPS OPERATIONAL CHANGES AMID CONCERNS ABOUT MAIL SLOWDOWNSELISE VIEBECK, JACOB BOGAGESEPTEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
What I eat is less important than being able to keep eating, because what I’m after is food that lets me fidget — food that asks for a little effort, but not enough to require all my focus.SUNFLOWER SEEDS ARE THE BEST SNACK FOR THE ANXIOUS MINDEMMA ALPERNSEPTEMBER 17, 2020EATER
As of now, over 198 million Americans who are eligible to vote would be able to cast a ballot by mail.VOTE BY MAIL: WHICH STATES ALLOW ABSENTEE VOTINGKATE RABINOWITZ, BRITTANY MAYESSEPTEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
He has been able to weather the closure and the reduction in business, but said he blew through savings.COURTS MAY RECONSIDER TEMPORARY CORONAVIRUS RESTRICTIONS AS PANDEMIC DRAGS ONANNE GEARAN, KARIN BRULLIARDSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
This access promotes an even more informed citizenry, particularly when thousands or tens of thousands of people can listen to a live argument, compared to the 50 to 100 members of the public who are able to attend an argument in person.BECAUSE OF PANDEMIC, SUPREME COURT WILL BEGIN NEW TERM WITH TELECONFERENCE ARGUMENTSROBERT BARNESSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
After all, if he is able to mobilize people who don’t vote very often, those voters probably won’t be included in polling because they might be less likely to be included in filtering for likely voters.IF VOTERS ARE WARY OF STATING SUPPORT FOR TRUMP IN POLLS, WHY DOES HE OUTPERFORM GOP SENATE CANDIDATES?PHILIP BUMPSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Without testing, the scope of the pandemic would be unclear and hospitals and doctors would not be able to prepare.TRUMP’S ABC NEWS TOWN HALL: FOUR PINOCCHIOS, OVER AND OVER AGAINGLENN KESSLERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
There's a lot to be said for electing someone who is going to be able to hold the institution together from both sides, and make progress.THE TRAILER: THE FIRST STATE GOES LASTDAVID WEIGELSEPTEMBER 15, 2020WASHINGTON POST
It is followed by forty-four pages of argument and illustration relating exclusively to the able-bodied wage-earner.ENGLISH POOR LAW POLICYSIDNEY WEBB


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