Antonyms for abc

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Much better just pound away at the ABC and simple arithmetic and so on.

Triliteral and Multiliteral Propositions (such as “All abc are de”).

There exists a plane ABC, which does not contain all the points.

Not that in all circles the radii are equal, but only that they are so in the circle ABC.

Slavery was a terra incognito to him then, a book of which he had not learned the ABC.

But there's one thing I can do, fellows, from abc up to xyz, and that's write.

But there were all the little tiers, and the ABC's, and the faces and fingers.

This is a better plan than that followed by some textbook writers of imagining ⧍ABC taken up and laid down on itself.

B clamps his instrument and reads off the angle ABC, and the time observer begins to note the time of transit.

My third master's children learned me my ABC's in slavery times.