3. Moral conditions


[Antonyms: probity.]

[Nouns] improbity; dishonesty, dishonor; deviation from rectitude; disgrace (disrepute) [more]; fraud (deception) [more]; lying [more]; bad faith, Punic faith; mala fides, Punica fides; infidelity; faithlessness; Judas kiss, betrayal.

breach of promise, breach of trust, breach of faith; prodition, disloyalty, treason, high treason; apostacy (tergiversation) [more]; nonobservance [more].

shabbiness; villany; baseness; abjection, debasement, turpitude, moral turpitude, laxity, trimming, shuffling.

perfidy; perfidiousness; treachery, double dealing; unfairness; knavery, roguery, rascality, foul play; jobbing, jobbery; graft; venality, nepotism; corruption, job, shuffle, fishy transaction; barratry, sharp practice, heads I win tails you lose; mouth honor (flattery) [more].

[Verbs] be dishonest; play false; break one's word, break one's faith, break one's promise; jilt, betray, forswear; shuffle (lie) [more]; live by one's wits, sail near the wind.

disgrace oneself, dishonor oneself, demean oneself; derogate, stoop, grovel, sneak, lose caste; sell oneself, go over to the enemy; seal one's infamy.

[Adjectives] dishonest, dishonorable; unconscientious, unscrupulous; fraudulent [more]; knavish; disgraceful (disreputable) [more]; wicked [more].

false-hearted, disingenuous; unfair, one-sided; double, double- hearted, double-tongued, double-faced; timeserving, crooked, tortuous, insidious, Machiavelian, dark, slippery; fishy; perfidious, treacherous, perjured.

infamous, arrant, foul, base, vile, ignominious, blackguard.

contemptible, abject, mean, shabby, little, paltry, dirty, scurvy, scabby, sneaking, groveling, scrubby, rascally, pettifogging; beneath one.

low-minded, low-thoughted; base-minded.

undignified, indign; unbecoming, unbeseeming, unbefitting; derogatory, degrading; infra dignitatem; ungentlemanly, ungentlemanlike; unknightly, unchivalric, unmanly, unhandsome; recreant, inglorious.

corrupt, venal; debased, mongrel.

faithless, of bad faith, false, unfaithful, disloyal; untrustworthy; trustless, trothless; lost to shame, dead to honor; barratrous.

[Adverbs] dishonestly; mala fide, like a thief in the night, by crooked paths.

[Interjections] O tempora! O mores! [Cicero].

[Phrases] corruptissima respublica plurimae leges [Tacitus].

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