2. Moral sentiments


[Nouns] accusation, charge, imputation, slur, inculpation, exprobration, delation; crimination; incrimination, accrimination, recrimination; tu quoque argument; invective [more].

denunciation, denouncement; libel, challenge, citation, arraignment; impeachment, appeachment; indictment, bill of indictment, true bill; lawsuit [more]; condemnation [more].

gravamen of a charge, head and front of one's offending, argumentum ad hominem; scandal (detraction) [more]; scandalum magnatum.

accuser, prosecutor, plaintiff; relator, informer; appellant.

accused, defendant, prisoner, panel, respondent; litigant.

[Verbs] accuse, charge, tax, impute, twit, taunt with, reproach.

brand with reproach; stigmatize, slur; cast a stone at, cast a slur on; incriminate, criminate; inculpate, implicate; call to account (censure) [more]; take to blame, take to task; put in the black book.

inform against, indict, denounce, arraign; impeach, appeach; have up, show up, pull up; challenge, cite, lodge a complaint; prosecute, bring an action against [more]; blow upon.

charge with, saddle with; lay to one's door, lay charge; lay the blame on, bring home to; cast in one's teeth, throw in one's teeth; cast the first stone at.

have a rod in pickle for, keep a rod in pickle for; have a crow to pluck with.

trump up a charge.

[Adjectives] accusing; accusatory, accusative; imputative, denunciatory; recriminatory, criminatory.

accused; suspected; under suspicion, under a cloud, under surveillance; in custody, in detention; in the lockup, in the watch house, in the house of detention.

accusable, imputable; indefensible, inexcusable; unpardonable, unjustifiable; vicious [more].

[Interjections] look at home; tu quoque (retaliation) [more].

[Phrases] "the breath of accusation kills an innocent name" [Shelley]; "thou can'st not say I did it' [Macbeth].

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