3. Prospective Affections


[Antonyms: rashness.]

[Nouns] caution; cautiousness; discretion, prudence, cautel, heed, circumspection, calculation, deliberation.

foresight [more]; vigilance [more]; warning [more].

coolness; self-possession, self-command; presence of mind, sang froid; well-regulated mind; worldly wisdom, Fabian policy.

[Verbs] be cautious; take care, take heed, take good care; have a care mind, what one is about; be on one's guard (keep watch) [more]; "make assurance doubly sure" [Macbeth].

bespeak (be early) [more].

think twice, look before one leaps, count the cost, look to the main chance, cut one's coat according to one's cloth; feel one's ground, feel one's way; see how the land lies (foresight) [more]; wait to see how the cat jumps; bridle one's tongue; reculer pour mieux sauter (prepare) [more]; let well alone, let well enough alone, ne pas reveiller le chat qui dort.

keep out of harm's way, keep out of troubled waters; keep at a respectful distance, stand aloof; keep on the safe side, be on the safe side.

husband one's resources [more].

caution (warn) [more].

[Adjectives] cautious, wary, guarded; on one's guard (watchful) [more]; cavendo tutus; in medio tutissimus; vigilant.

careful, heedful; cautelous, stealthy, chary, shy of, circumspect, prudent, discreet, politic; sure-footed (skillful) [more].

unenterprising, unadventurous, cool, steady, self-possessed; overcautious.

[Adverbs] cautiously

[Interjections] have a care!

[Phrases] timeo Danaos [Vergil]; festina lente.

ante victoriam ne canas triumphum; "give, every man thine ear but few thy voice" [Hamlet]; he who laughs last laughs best, il rit bien qui rit le dernier; ni firmes carta que no leas ni bebas agua que no veas; nescit vox missa reverti [Horace]; "love all, trust a few" [All's Well]; noli irritare leones; safe bind safe find.

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