2. Discriminative Affections


[Nouns] fashion, style, ton, bon ton, society; good society, polite society; monde; drawing-room, civilized life, civilization, town, beau monde, high life, court; world; fashionable world, gay world; Vanity Fair; show (ostentation) [more].

manners, breeding (politeness) [more]; air, demeanor (appearance) [more]; savoir faire; gentlemanliness, gentility, decorum, propriety, biens�ance; conventions of society; Mrs. Grundy; punctilio; form, formality; etiquette, point of etiquette; dress [more].

custom [more]; mode, vogue, go; rage (desire) [more]; prevailing taste.

man of fashion, woman of fashion, man of the world, woman of the world; height of fashion, pink of fashion, star of fashion, glass of fashion, leader of fashion; arbiter elegantiarum (taste) [more]; upper ten thousand (nobility) [more]; elite (distinction) [more]; smart set; the four hundred [U.S.].

[Verbs] be fashionable, be the rage; have a run, pass current.

follow the fashion, conform to the fashion, fall in with the fashion n.; go with the stream (conform) [more]; savoir vivre, savoir faire; keep up appearances, behave oneself.

set the fashion, bring in the fashion; give a tone to society, cut a figure in society; keep one's carriage.

[Adjectives] fashionable; in fashion; a la mode, comme il faut; admitted in society, admissible in society; presentable; conventional (customary) [more]; genteel; well-gred, well mannered, well behaved, well spoken; gentlemanlike, gentlemanly; ladylike; civil, polite (courteous) [more].

polished, refined, thoroughbred, courtly; distingue; unembarrassed, degage; janty, jaunty; dashing,f ast.

modish, stylish, chic, trendy, recherche; newfangled (unfamiliar) [more]; all the rage, all the go.

in court, in full dress, in evening dress; en grande tenue (ornament) [more].

[Adverbs] fashionably; for fashion's sake.

[Phrases] a la francaise, a la parisienne; a l'anglaise, a l'americaine; autre temps autre mauers; chaque pays a sa guise.

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