[Nouns] excitation of feeling; mental excitement; suscitation, galvanism, stimulation, piquancy, provocation, inspiration, calling forth, infection; animation, agitation, pertubation; subjugation, fascination, intoxication; enravishment; entrancement, high pressure.

unction, impressiveness

trail of temper, casus belli; irritation (anger) [more]; passion (state of excitability) [more]; thrill (feeling) [more]; repression of feeling [more]; sensationalism, yellow journalism.

[Verbs] excite, affect, touch, move, impress, strike, interest, animate, inspire, impassion, smite, infect; stir the blood, fire the blood, warm the blood; set astir; wake, awake, awaken; call forth; evoke, provoke; raise up, summon up, call up, wake up, blow up, get up, light up; raise; get up the steam, rouse, arouse, stir; fire, kindle, enkindle, apply the torch, set on fire, inflame.

stimulate; exsuscitate; inspirit; spirit up, stir up, work up; infuse life into, give new life to; bring new blood, introduce new blood; quicken; sharpen, whet; work upon (incite) [more]; hurry on, give a fillip, put on one's mettle.

fan the fire, fan the flame; blow the coals, stir the embers; fan into a flame; foster, heat, warm, foment, raise to a fever heat; keep up, keep the pot boiling; revive, rekindle; rake up, rip up.

stir the feelings, play on the feelings, come home to the feelings; touch a string, touch a chord, touch the soul, touch the heart; go to one's heart, penetrate, pierce, go through one, touch to the quick; possess the soul, pervade the soul, penetrate the soul, imbrue the soul, absorb the soul, affect the soul, disturb the soul.

absorb, rivet the attention; sink into the mind, sink into the heart; prey on the mind; intoxicate; overwhelm, overpower; bouleverser, upset, turn one's head.

fascinate; enrapture (give pleasure) [more].

agitate, perturb, ruffle, fluster, shake, disturb, startle, shock, stagger; give one a shock, give one a turn; strike all of a heap; stun, astound, electrify, galvanize, petrify.

irritate, sting; cut to the heart, cut to the quick; try one's temper; fool to the top of one's bent, pique; infuriate, madden, make one's blood boil; lash into fury (wrath) [more].

be excited; flush up, flare up; catch the infection; thrill (feel) [more]; mantle; work oneself up; seethe, boil, simmer, foam, fume, flame, rage, rave; run mad (passion) [more].

[Adjectives] excited; wrought up, up the qui vive, astir, sparkling; in a quiver [more], in a fever, in a ferment, in a blaze, in a state of excitement; in hysterics; overwrought; hot, red-hot, flushed, feverish; all of a twitter, in a pucker; with quivering lips, with tears in one's eyes.

flaming; boiling over; ebullient, seething; foaming at the mouth; fuming, raging, carried away by passion, wild, raving, frantic, mad, distracted, beside oneself, out of one's wits, ready to burst, bouleverse, demoniacal.

lost, eperdu, tempest-tossed; haggard; ready to sink.

stung to the quick, up, on one;s high ropes.

exciting; impressive, warm, glowing, fervid, swelling, imposing, spirit-stirring, thrilling; high-wrought; soul-stirring, soul-subduing; heart-stirring, heart-swelling, heart-thrilling; agonizing (painful) [more]; telling, sensational, hysterical; overpowering, overwhelming; more than flesh and blood can bear; yellow.

piquant (pungent) [more]; spicy, appetizing, provocative, provoquant, tantalizing.

[Adverbs] till one is black in the face.

[Phrases] the heart beating high, the heart going pitapat, the heart leaping into one's mouth; the blood being up, the blood boiling in one's veins; the eye glistening, "in a fine frenzy rolling"; the head turned.

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