[Antonyms: servant.]

[Nouns] master, padrone; lord, lord paramount; commander, commandant; captain; chief, chieftain; sirdar, sachem, sheik, head, senior, governor, ruler, dictator; leader (director) [more]; boss, cockarouse, sagamore, werowance.

lord of the ascendant; cock of the walk, cock of the roost; gray mare; mistress.

potentate; liege, liege lord; suzerain, sovereign, monarch, autocrat, despot, tyrant, oligarch.

crowned head, emperor, king, anointed king, majesty, imperator, protector, president, stadholder, judge.

caesar, kaiser, czar, tsar, sultan, soldan, grand Turk, caliph, imaum, shah, padishah, sophi, mogul, great mogul, khan, lama, tycoon, mikado, inca, cazique; voivode; landamman; seyyid; Abuna, cacique, czarowitz, grand seignior.

prince, duke (nobility) [more]; archduke, doge, elector; seignior; marland, margrave; rajah, emir, nizam, nawab.

empress, queen, sultana, czarina, princess, infanta, duchess, margravine; czarevna, czarita; maharani, rani, rectrix.

regent, viceroy, exarch, palatine, khedive, hospodar, beglerbeg, three-tailed bashaw, pasha, bashaw, bey, beg, dey, scherif, tetrarch, satrap, mandarin, subahdar, nabob, maharajah; burgrave; laird (proprietor) [more]; collector, commissioner, deputy commissioner, woon.

the authorities, the powers that be, the government; staff, etat major, aga, official, man in office, person in authority; sircar, sirkar, Sublime Porte.

[Military authorities] marshal, field marshal, marechal; general, generalissimo; commander in chief, seraskier, hetman; lieutenant general, major general; colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, captain, centurion, skipper, lieutenant, sublieutenant, officer, staff officer, aide-de-camp, brigadier, brigade major, adjutant, jemidar, ensign, cornet, cadet, subaltern, noncommissioned officer; sergeant, sergeant major; color sergeant; corporal, corporal major; lance corporal, acting corporal; drum major; captain general, dizdar, knight marshal, naik, pendragon.

[Civil authorities] mayor, mayoralty; prefect, chancellor, archon, provost, magistrate, syndic; alcalde, alcaid; burgomaster, corregidor, seneschal, alderman, warden, constable, portreeve; lord mayor; officer (executive) [more]; dewan, fonctionnaire.

[Naval authorities] admiral, admiralty; rear admiral, vice admiral, port admiral; commodore, captain, commander, lieutenant, skipper, mate, master; navarch.

[Phrases] da locum melioribus; der Furst ist der erste Diener seines Siaats; "lord of thy presence and no land beside" [King John].

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