1. Conditional Antagonism


[Nouns] combatant; disputant, controversialist, polemic, litigant, belligerent; competitor, rival, corrival; fighter, assailant; champion, Paladin; mosstrooper, swashbuckler, fire eater, duelist, bully, bludgeon man, rough.

prize fighter, pugilist, boxer, bruiser, the fancy, gladiator, athlete, wrestler; fighting-cock, game-cock; .

warrior, soldier, fighting man, Amazon, man at arms, armigerent; campaigner, veteran; swordsman, sabreur, redcoat, military man, Rajput.

armed force, troops, soldiery, military forces, sabaoth, the army, standing army, regulars, the line, troops of the line, militia, yeomanry, volunteers, trainband, fencible; auxiliary, bersagliere, brave; garde-nationale, garde-royale; minuteman [Am. Hist.]; auxiliary forces, reserve forces; reserves, posse comitatus, national guard, gendarme, beefeater; guards, guardsman; yeomen of the guard, life guards, household troops.

janissary; myrmidon; Mama, Mameluke; spahee, spahi, Cossack, Croat, Pandoz; irregular, franctireur, tirailleur, bash-bazouk, guerilla, condottiere.

mercenary; bushwhacker, free lance, companion; Hessian.

levy, draught; Landwehr, Landsturm; conscript, recruit, cadet, raw levies.

private, private soldier; Tommy Atkins, rank and file, peon, trooper, sepoy, legionnaire, legionary, food for powder; officer (commander) [more]; subaltern, ensign, standard bearer; spearman, pikeman; halberdier, lancer; musketeer, carabineer, rifleman, jager, sharpshooter, yager, skirmisher; grenadier, fusileer; archer, bowmann.

horse and foot; horse soldier, foot soldier; cavalry, horse, artillery, horse artillery, infantry, light horse, voltigeur, uhlan, mounted rifles, dragoon, hussar; light dragoon, heavy dragoon; heavy; cuirassier; Foot Guards, Horse Guards; gunner, cannoneer, bombardier, artilleryman, matross; sapper, sapper and miner; engineer; light infantry, rifles,chasseur, zouave; military train, coolie.

army, corps d'armee, host, division, battalia, column, wing, detachment, garrison, flying column, brigade, regiment, corps, battalion, sotnia, squadron, company, platoon, battery, subdivision, section, squad; piquet, picket, guard, rank, file; legion, phalanx, cohort; cloud of skirmishers.

war horse, charger, destrier.

marine, man-of-war's man (sailor) [more]; navy, wooden walls, naval forces, fleet, flotilla, armada, squadron.

man-of-war; armored cruiser, protected cruiser; destroyer; submarine; torpedo-boat, torpedo-destroyer; torpedo-catcher, war castle, H.M.S., Her/His Majesty�s Ship; line of battle ship, ship of the line; ironclad, turret ship, ram, monitor, floating battery; first-rate, frigate, sloop of war, corvette, gunboat, bomb vessel; flagship, guard ship, cruiser; privateer;

tender; store ship, troop ship; transport, catamaran.

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