1. Conditional antagonism


[Antonyms: defense.]

[Nouns] attack; assault, assault and battery; onset, onslaught, charge.

aggression, offense; incursion, inroad, invasion; irruption; outbreak; estrapade, ruade; coupe de main, sally, sortie, camisade, raid, foray; run at, run against; dead set at.

storm, storming; boarding, escalade; siege, investment, obsession, bombardment, cannonade.

fire, volley; platoon fire, file fire; fusillade; sharpshooting, broadside; raking fire, crossfire; volley of grapeshot, feu d'enfer.

cut, thrust, lunge, pass, passado, carte and tierce, home thrust; coupe de bec; kick, punch (impulse) [more].

battue, razzia, Jacquerie, dragonnade; devastation [more]; eboulement.

assailant, aggressor, invader.

base of operations, point of attack; echelon.

[Verbs] attack, assault, assail; invade; set upon, fall upon; charge, impugn, break a lance with, enter the lists.

assume the offensive, take the offensive; be the aggressor, become the aggressor; strike the first blow, throw the first stone at; lift a hand against, draw the sword against; take up the cudgels; advance against, march against; march upon, harry; come on, show fight.

strike at, poke at, thrust at; aim a blow at, deal a blow at; give one a blow, fetch one a blow, fetch one a kick, give one a kick; have a cut at, have a shot at, take a cut at, take a shot at, have a fling at, have a shy at; be down upon, pounce upon; fall foul of, pitch into, launch out against; bait, slap on the face; make a thrust at, make a pass at, make a set at, make a dead set at; bear down upon.

close with, come to close quarters;

bring to bay.

ride full tilt against; attack tooth and nail.

let fly at, dash at, run a tilt at, rush at, tilt at, run at, fly at, hawk at, have at, let out at; make a dash, make a rush at; strike home; drive one hard; press one hard; be hard upon, run down, strike at the root of.

lay about one, run amuck.

draw a bead on [U.S.].

fire upon, fire at, fire a shot at; shoot at, pop at, level at, let off a gun at; open fire, pepper, bombard, shell, pour a broadside into; fire a volley, fire red-hot shot; spring a mine.

throw a stone, throw stones at; stone, lapidate, pelt; hurl at, hurl against, hurl at the head of; rock [U.S.]

beset, besiege, beleaguer; lay siege to, invest, open the trenches, plant a battery, sap, mine; storm, board, scale the walls.

cut and thrust, bayonet, butt; kick, strike (impulse) [more]; whipe (punish) [more].

[Adjectives] attacking; aggressive, offensive, obsidional.

up in arms.

[Adverbs] on the offensive.

[Interjections] "up and at them!"

[Phrases] "the din of arms, the yell of savage rage, the shriek of agony, the groan of death" [Southey]; "their fatal hands no second stroke intend' [Paradise Lost]; "thirst for glory quells the love of life" [Addison].

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