1. Simple voluntary action


[Antonyms: activity.]

[Nouns] inactivity; inaction [more]; inertness [more]; obstinacy [more]. lull (cessation) [more]; quiescence [more]; rust, rustiness.

idleness, remissness; sloth, indolence, indiligence; dawdling; ergophobia, otiosity.

dullness; languor; segnity, segnitude; lentor; sluggishness (slowness) [more]; procrastination (delay) [more]; torpor, torpidity, torpescence; stupor (insensibility) [more]; somnolence; drowsiness; nodding; oscitation, oscitancy; pandiculation, bypnotism, lethargy; statuvolence, heaviness, heavy eyelids.

sleep, slumber; sound sleep, heavy sleep, balmy sleep; Morpheus; Somnus; coma, trance, ecstasis, dream, hibernation, nap, doze, snooze, siesta, wink of sleep, forty winks, snore; hypnology.

dull work; pottering; relaxation (loosening) [more]; Castle of Indolence.

[Cause of inactivity] lullaby, sedative [more]; torpedo.

idler, drone, droil, dawdle, mopus; do-little faineant, dummy, sleeping partner; afternoon farmer; truant (runaway) [more]: bummer [U.S], lounger, lazzarone, loafer; lubber, lubbard; slow coach (slow.) [more]; opium eater, lotus eater; slug; lag, sluggard; slumberer, dormouse, marmot; waiter on Providence, fruges consumere natus.

[Verbs] be inactive; do nothing [more]; move slowly [more]; let the grass grow under one's feet; take one's time, dawdle, drawl, droil, lag, hang back, slouch; loll, lollop; lounge, poke, loaf, loiter; go to sleep over; sleep at one's post, ne battre que d'une aile.

take it easy, take things as they come; lead an easy life, vegetate, swim with the stream, eat the bread of idleness; loll in the lap of luxury, loll in the lap of indolence; waste time, consume time, kill time, lose time; burn daylight, waste the precious hours.

idle away time, trifle away time, fritter away time, fool away time; spend time in, take time in; peddle, piddle; potter, pudder, dabble, faddle fribble, fiddle-faddle; dally, dilly-dally.

sleep, slumber, be asleep; hibernate; oversleep; sleep like a top, sleep like a log, sleep like a dormouse; sleep soundly, heavily; doze, drowze, snooze, nap; take a nap; dream; snore one's best, settle to sleep, go to sleep, go off to sleep; drop off; fall asleep; drop asleep; close the eyes, seal up the eyes, seal up eyelids; weigh down the eyelids; get sleep, nod, yawn; go to bed, turn.

languish, expend itself, flag, hang fire; relax.

render idle; sluggardize; mitigate [more].

[Adjectives] inactive; motionless [more]; unoccupied (doing nothing) [more] unbusied.

indolent, lazy, slothful, idle, lusk, remiss, slack, inert, torpid, sluggish, otiose, languid, supine, heavy, dull, leaden, lumpisb; exanimate, soulless; listless; drony, dronish; lazy as Ludlam's dog.

dilatory, laggard; lagging; slow [more]; rusty, flagging; lackadaisical, maudlin, fiddle-faddle; pottering; shilly-shally (irresolute) [more].

sleeping; asleep; fast asleep, dead asleep, sound asleep; in a sound sleep; sound as a top, dormant, comatose; in the arms of Morpheus, in the lap of Morpheus.

sleepy, sleepful; dozy, drowsy, somnolent, torpescent, lethargic, lethargical; somnifacient; statuvolent, statuvolic; heavy, heavy with sleep; napping; somnific, somniferous; soporous, soporific, soporiferous; hypnotic; balmy, dreamy; unawakened, unawakened.

sedative [more].

[Adverbs] inactively; at leisure [more].

[Phrases] the eyes begin to draw straws; "bankrupt of life yet prodigal of ease" [Dryden]; "better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay" [Tennyson]; "idly busy rolls their world away� [Goldsmith]; "the mystery of folded sleep" [Tennyson]; "the timely dew of sleep" [Milton]; "thou driftest gently down the tides of sleep" [Longfellow]; "tired Nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep" [Young].

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