II. Prospective Volition

2. Subservience to ends; contingent subservience


[Antonyms: safety.]

[Nouns] danger, peril, insecurity, jeopardy, risk, hazard, venture, precariousness, slipperiness; instability [more]; defenselessness, exposure (liability) [more]; vulnerability; vulnerable point, heel of Achilles; forlorn hope (hopelessness) [more].

[Dangerous course] leap in the dark (rashness) [more]; road to ruin, faciles descensus Averni [Vergil], hairbreadth escape.

cause for alarm; source of danger [more].

[Approach of danger] rock ahead, breakers ahead; storm brewing; clouds in the horizon, clouds gathering; warning [more]; alarm [more].

[Sense of danger] apprehension [more].

[Verbs] be in danger; be exposed to danger, run into danger, incur danger, encounter danger; run a risk; lay oneself open to (liability) [more]; lean on a broken reed, trust to a broken reed; feel the ground sliding from under one, have to run for it; have the chances against one, have the odds against one, face long odds; be in deep trouble, be between a rock and a hard place.

hang by a thread, totter; sleep on a volcano, stand on a volcano; sit on a barrel of gunpowder, live in a glass house.

bring in danger, place in danger, put in danger, place in jeopardy, put in jeopardy; endanger, expose to danger, imperil; jeopard, jeopardize; compromise; sail too near the wind (rash) [more].

adventure, risk, hazard, venture, stake, set at hazard; run the gauntlet (dare) [more]; engage in a forlorn hope.

threaten danger [more]; run one hard; lay a trap for (deceive) [more].

[Adjectives] in danger; endangered; fraught with danger; dangerous, hazardous, perilous, parlous, periculous; unsafe, unprotected (safe, protect [more]); insecure, . untrustworthy; built upon.sand, on a sandy basis; wildcat.

defenseless, fenceless, guardless, harborless; unshielded; vulnerable, expugnable, exposed; open to (liable) [more].

aux abois, at bay; on the wrong side of the wall, on a lee shore, on the rocks.

at stake, in question; precarious, critical, ticklish; slippery, slippy; hanging by a thread; with a halter round one's neck; between the hammer and the anvil, between Scylla and Charybdis, between a rock and a hard place, between the devil and the deep blue sea, between two fires; on the edge of a precipice, on the brink of a precipice, on the verge of a precipice, on the edge of a volcano; in the lion's den, on slippery ground, under fire; not out of the wood(s).

unwarned, unadmonished, unadvised, ununprepared [more]; off one's guard (inexpectant) [more].

tottering; unstable, unsteady; shaky, top-heavy, tumbledown, ramshackle, crumbling, waterlogged; helpless, guideless; in a bad way; reduced to the last extremity, at the last extremity; trembling in the balance; nodding to its fall (destruction) [more]. threatening [more]; ominous, ill-omened; alarming (fear) [more]; explosive.

adventurous (rash) [more], (bold) [more].

[Phrases] incidit in Scyllam qui vult vitare Charybdim; nam tua res agitur paries dum proximus ardet.

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