[Antonyms: veracity.]

[Nouns] deception; falseness [more]; untruth [more]; imposition, inposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency; covin; knavery (cunning) [more]; misrepresentation (falsehood) [more]; bluff; straw-bail, straw bid [U.S.]; spoof.

delusion, gullery; juggling, jugglery; slight of hand, legerdemain; prestigiation, prestidigitation; magic [more]; conjuring, conjuriation; hocus-pocus, escamoterie, jockeyship; trickery, coggery, chicanery; supercherie, cozenage, circumvention, ingannation, collusion; treachery [more]; practical joke.

trick, cheat, wile, blind, feint, plant, bubble, fetch, catch, chicane, juggle, reach, hocus, bite; thimblerig; card sharping, artful dodge, swindle; tricks upon travelers; stratagem (artifice) [more]; confidence trick, fake, hoax; theft [more]; ballot-box stuffing [U.S.] barney, brace game, bunko game, drop game, gum game [U.S.], panel game, shell game, skin game [U.S.].

snare, trap, pitfall, decoy, gin; springe, springle; noose, hoot; bait, decoy-duck, tub to the whale, baited trap, guet-a-pens; cobweb, net, meshes, toils, mouse trap, birdlime; dionaea, Venus's flytrap; ambush [more]; trapdoor, sliding panel, false bottom; spring-net, spring net, spring gun, mask, masked battery; mine; flytrap; green goods [U.S.]; panel house.

Cornish hug; wolf in sheep's clothing (deceiver) [more]; disguise, disguisement; false colors, masquerade, mummery, borrowed plumes; pattes de velours.

mockery (imitation) [more]; copy [more]; counterfeit, sham, make- believe, forgery, fraud; lie [more]; "a delusion a mockery and a snare" [Denman], hollow mockery.

whited sepulcher, painted sepulcher; tinsel, paste, false jewelry, scagliola, ormolu, German silver, albata, paktong, white metal, Britannia metal, paint; jerry building; man of straw.

illusion (error) [more]; ignis fatuus [more]; mirage [more].

[Verbs] deceive, take in; defraud, cheat, jockey, do, cozen, diddle, nab, chouse, play one false, bilk, cully, jilt, bite, pluck, swindle, victimize; abuse; mystify; blind one's eyes; blindfold, hoodwink; throw dust into the eyes, "keep the word of promise to the ear and break it to the hope" [Macbeth].

impose upon, practice upon, play upon, put upon, palm upon, foist upon; snatch a verdict; bluff off, bluff; bunko, four flush, gum [U.S.], spoof, stuff (a ballot box) [U.S.].

circumvent, overreach; outreach, out wit, out maneuver; steal a march upon, give the go-by, to leave in the lurch

set a trap, lay a trap, lay a snare for; bait the hook, forelay, spread the toils, lime; decoy, waylay, lure, beguile, delude, inveigle; trapan, trepan; kidnap; let in, hook in; trick; entrap, intrap, ensnare; nick, springe; nousle, nousel; blind a trail; immesh; shanghai; catch, catch in a trap; sniggle, entangle, illaqueate, hocus, escamoter, practice on one's creduility, dupe, gull, hoax, fool, befool, bamboozle; hum, humbug; gammon, stuff up, sell; play a trick upon one, play a practical joke upon one; balk, trip up, throw a tub to a whale; fool to the top of one's bent, send on a fool's errand; make game, make a fool of, make an April fool of, make an ass of; trifle with, cajole, flatter; come over (influence) [more]; gild the pill, make things pleasant, divert, put a good face upon; dissemble [more].

cog, cog the dice; live by one's wits, play at hide and seek; obtain money under false pretenses (steal) [more]; conjure, juggle, practice chicanery; deacon [U.S.].

play off, palm off, foist off, fob off.

lie [more]; misinform [more]; mislead (error) [more]; betray [more]; be deceived [more].

[Adjectives] deceived; deceiving; cunning [more]; prestigious, prestigiatory; deceptive, deceptious; deceitful, covinous; delusive, delusory; illusive, illusory; elusive, insidious, ad captandum vulgus.

untrue [more]; mock, sham, make-believe, counterfeit, snide, pseudo, spurious, so-called, pretended, feigned, trumped up, bogus, scamped, fraudulent, tricky, factitious, artificial, bastard; surreptititous, illegitimate, contraband, adulterated, sophisticated; unsound, rotten at the core; colorable; disguised; meretricious, tinsel, pinchbeck, plated; catchpenny; Brummagem; simulated [more].

[Adverbs] under false colors, under the garb of, under cover of; over the left.

[Phrases] fronti nulla fides; "ah that deceit should steal such gentle shapes" [Rich. III]; "a quicksand of deceit' [Hen. VI]; decipimur specie recti [Hor.]; falsi crimen; fraus est celare fraudem; lupus in fabula; "so smooth, he daubed his vice with show of virtue" [Rich. III].

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