[Antonyms: attention.]

[Nouns] inattention, inconsideration; inconsiderateness; oversight; inadvertence, inadvertency, nonobservance, disregard.

supineness (inactivity) [more]; �tourderie, want of thought; heedlessnes (neglect) [more]; insouciance (indifference) [more].

abstraction; absence of mind, absorption of mind; preoccupation, distraction, reverie, brown study, deep musing, fit of abstraction.

[Verbs] be inattentive; overlook, disregard; pass by (neglect) [more] not observe [more]; think little of.

close one's eyes to, shut one's eyes to; pay no attention to; dismiss from one's thoughts, discard from one's thoughts, discharge from one's thoughts, dismiss from one's mind, discard from one's mind, discharge from one's mind; drop the subject, think no more of; set aside, turn aside, put aside; turn away from, turn one's attention from, turn a deaf ear to, turn one's back upon.

abstract oneself, dream, indulge in reverie.

escape notice, escape attention; come in at one ear and go out at the other; forget (have no remembrance) [more].

call off the attention, draw off the attention, call away the attention, divert the attention, distract the mind; put out of one's head; disconcert, discompose; put out, confuse, perplex, bewilder, moider, fluster, muddle, dazzle; throw a sop to Cerberus.

[Adjectives] inattentive; unobservant, unmindful, unheeding, undiscerning; inadvertent; mindless, regardless, respectless, listless (indifferent) [more]; blind, deaf; bird-witted; hand over head; cursory, percursory; giddy-brained, scatter-brained, hare-brained; unreflecting, �cervel�, inconsiderate, offhand, thoughtless, dizzy, muzzy, brainsick; giddy, giddy as a goose; wild, harum-scarum, rantipole, highflying; heedless, careless (neglectful) [more].

absent, abstracted, distrait; absentminded, lost; lost in thought, wrapped in thought; rapt, in the clouds, bemused; dreaming on other things, musing on other things; preoccupied, engrossed (attentive) [more]; in a reverie; off one's guard (inexpectant) [more]; napping; dreamy; caught napping.

disconcerted, put out.

[Adverbs] inattentively, inadvertently; per incuriam, sub silentio.

[Interjections] stand at ease, stand easy!

[Phrases] the attention wanders; one's wits gone a woolgathering, one's wits gone a bird's nesting; it never entered into one's head; the mind running on other things; one's thoughts being elsewhere; had it been a bear it would have bitten you. [more]

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