2. Sensation; sensation in general

Physical Pain.

[Antonyms: physical pleasure.]

[Nouns] pain; suffering, suffrance; bodily pain, physical pain, bodily suffering, physical suffering, body pain; mental suffering [more]; dolour, ache; aching; smart; shoot, shooting; twinge, twitch, gripe, headache; hurt, cut; sore, soreness; discomfort, malaise; cephalalgia, earache, gout, ischiagra, lumbago, neuralgia, odontalgia, otalgia, podagra, rheumatism, sciatica; tic douloureux, toothache, tormina, torticollis.

spasm, cramp; nightmare, ephialtes; crick, stitch; thrill, convulsion, throe; throb (agitation) [more]; pang; colic; kink.

sharp pain, piercing pain, throbbing pain, shooting pain, sting, gnawing pain, burning pain; excruciating pain.

anguish, agony; torment, torture; rack; cruciation, crucifixion; martyrdom, toad under a harrow, vivisection.

[Verbs] feel pain, experience pain, suffer pain, undergo pain; suffer, ache, smart, bleed; tingle, shoot; twinge, twitch, lancinate; writhe, wince, make a wry face; sit on thorns, sit on pins and needles.

give pain, inflict pain; lacerate; pain, hurt, chafe, sting, bite, gnaw, gripe; pinch, tweak; grate, gall, fret, prick, pierce, wring, convulse; torment, torture; rack, agonize; crucify; excrutiate; break on the wheel, put to the rack; flog (punish) [more]; grate on the ear (harsh sound) [more].

[Adjectives] in pain, in a state of pain; pained; gouty, podagric, torminous.

painful; aching; sore, raw.

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