2. Sensation; sensation in general

Physical Pleasure.

[Antonyms: physical pain.]

[Nouns] pleasure; physical pleasure, sensual pleasure, sensuous pleasure; bodily enjoyment, animal gratification, hedonism, sensuality; luxuriousness; dissipation, round of pleasure, titillation, gusto, creature comforts, comfort, ease; pillow (support) [more]; luxury, lap of luxury; purple and fine linen; bed of downs, bed of roses; velvet, clover; cup of Circe (intemperance) [more].

treat; refreshment, regale; feast; delice; dainty [more]; bonne bouche.

source of pleasure [more]; happiness (mental enjoyment) [more].

[Verbs] feel pleasure, experience pleasure, receive pleasure; enjoy, relish; luxuriate in, revel in, riot in, bask in, swim in, drink up, eat up, wallow in; feast on; gloat over, float on; smack the lips.

live on the fat of the land, live in comfort; bask in the sunshine, faire ses choux gras.

give pleasure [more].

[Adjectives] enjoying; luxurious, voluptuous, sensual, comfortable, cosy, snug, in comfort, at ease.

pleasant, agreeable [more].

[Adverbs] in comfort; on a bed of roses; at one's ease.

[Phrases] ride si sapis [Martial]; voluptales commendat rarior usus [Juvenal].

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