1. Vitality; vitality in general


[Nouns] interment, burial, sepulture; inhumation; obsequies, exequies; funeral, wake, pyre, funeral pile; cremation.

funeral, funeral rite, funeral solemnity; kneel, passing bell, tolling; dirge (lamentation) [more]; cypress; orbit, dead march, muffled drum; mortuary, undertaker, mute; elegy; funeral, funeral oration, funeral sermon; epitaph.

graveclothes, shroud, winding sheet, cerecloth; cerement.

coffin, shell, sarcophagus, urn, pall, bier, hearse, catafalque, cinerary urn.

grave, pit, sepulcher, tomb, vault, crypt, catacomb, mausoleum, Golgotha, house of death, narrow house; cemetery, necropolis; burial place, burial ground; grave yard, church yard; God's acre; tope, cromlech, barrow, tumulus, cairn; ossuary; bone house, charnel house, dead house; morgue; lich gate; burning ghat; crematorium, crematory; dokhma, mastaba, potter's field, stupa, Tower of Silence.

sexton, gravedigger.

monument, cenotaph, shrine; grave stone, head stone, tomb stone; memento mori; hatchment, stone.

exhumation, disinterment; necropsy, autopsy, post mortem examination; zoothapsis.

[Verbs] inter, bury; lay in the grave, consign to the grave, lay in the tomb, entomb, in tomb; inhume; lay out, perform a funeral, embalm, mumify; toll the knell; put to bed with a shovel; inurn.

exhume, disinter, unearth.

[Adjectives] burried; burial, funereal, funebrial; mortuary, sepulchral, cinerary; elegiac; necroscopic.

[Adverbs] in memoriam; post obit, post mortem; beneath the sod.

[Phrases] hic jacet, ci-git; RIP; requiescat in pace; "the lone couch of his everlasting sleep" [Shelley]; "without a grave-unknell'd, uncoffin'd, and unknown" [Byron]; "in the dark union of insensate dust" [Byron]; "the deep cold shadow of the tomb" [Moore].

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