1. Vitality; vitality in general


[Antonyms: death.]

[Nouns] life, vitality, viability; animation; vital spark, vital flame, soul, spirit.

respiration, wind; breath of life, breath of one's nostrils; lifeblood; Archeus; existence [more].

vivification; oxygen; vital air, vital force; vitalization; revivification [more]; Prometheus; life to come (destiny) [more].

[Science of life] physiology, biology; animal ecology.

nourishment, staff of life (food) [more].

[Verbs] be alive; live, breathe, respire; subsist (exist) [more]; walk the earth; "strut and fret one's hour upon the stage" [Macbeth]; be spared.

see the light, be born, come into the world, fetch breath, draw breath, fetch the breath of life, draw the breath of life; quicken; revive; come to life.

give birth to (produce) [more]; bring to life, put into life, vitalize; vivify, vivificate; reanimate (restore) [more]; keep alive, keep body and soul together, keep the wolf from the door; support life.

have nine lives like a cat.

[Adjectives] living, alive; in life, in the flesh, in the land of the living; on this side of the grave, above ground, breathing, quick, animated; animative; lively (active) [more]; all alive and kicking; tenacious of life.

vital, vitalic; vivifying, vivified; viable, zoetic; Promethean.

[Adverbs] vivendi causa.

[Phrases] atqui vivere militare est [Seneca]; non est vivre sed valere vita [Martial].

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