4. Motion with reference to direction

[Motion short of] Shortcoming.

[Nouns] shortcoming, failure; falling short; default, defalcation; leeway; labor in vain, no go.

imcompleteness [more]; imperfection [more]; insufficiency [more]; noncompletion [more]; failure [more].

[Verbs] come short of, fall short of, stop short of, come short , fall short, stop short; not reach; want; keep within bounds, keep within the mark, keep withim the compass.

break down, stick in the mud, collapse, flat out [U.S.], come to nothing; fall through, fall to the ground; cave in, end in smoke, miss the mark, fail; lose ground; miss stays.

[Adjectives] unreached; deficient; short, short of; minus; out of depth; perfunctory (neglect) [more].

[Adverbs] within the mark, within the compass, within the bounds; behindhand; re infecta; to no purpose; far from it.

[Phrases] the bubble burst.

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