4. Motion with reference to direction

[Motion given to an object situated in front] Propulsion.

[Nouns] propulsion, projection; propelment; vis a tergo; push, shove (impulse) [more]; ejaculate; ejection [more]; throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, shy.

[Science of propulsion] projectiles, ballistics, archery.

[Devices to give propulsion] propeller, screw, twin screws, turbine.

[Objects propelled] missile, projectile, ball, discus, quoit, brickbat, shot.

[Weapons which propel] arrow, gun, ballista (arms) [more].

shooter; shot; archer, toxophilite; bowman, rifleman, marksman; good shot, crack shot; sharpshooter (combatant) [more].

[Verbs] propel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, jerk, heave, shy, hurl; flirt, fillip.

dart, lance, tilt; ejaculate, jaculate; fulminate, bolt, drive, sling, pitchfork.

send; send off, let off, fire off; discharge, shoot; launch, send forth, let fly; dash.

put in motion, set in motion; set agoing, start; give a start, give an impulse to; impel [more]; trundle (set in rotation) [more]; expel [more].

carry one off one's legs; put to flight.

[Adjectives] propelled; propelling; propulsive, projectile.

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