1. Motion in General

[Successive change of place] Motion.

[Antonyms: quiescence.]

[Nouns] motion, movement, move; going; unrest.

stream, flow, flux, run, course, stir; evolution; kinematics; telekinesis.

step, rate, pace, tread, stride, gait, port, footfall, cadence, carriage, velocity, angular velocity; clip, progress, locomotion; journey [more]; voyage [more]; transit [more].

restlessness (changeableness) [more]; mobility; movableness, motive power; laws of motion; mobilization.

[Verbs] be in motion; move, go, hie, gang, budge, stir, pass, flit; hover about, hover round, hover about; shift, slide, glide; roll, roll on; flow, stream, run, drift, sweep along; wander (deviate) [more]; walk [more]; change one's place, shift one's place, change one's quarters, shift one's quarters; dodge; keep going, keep moving;.

put in motion, set in motion; move; impel [more]; propel [more]; render movable, mobilize.

[Adjectives] moving; in motion; transitional; motory, motive; shifting, movable, mobile, mercurial, unquiet; restless (changeable) [more]; nomadic [more]; erratic [more].

[Adverbs] under way; on the move, on the wing, on the tramp, on the march.

[Phrases] eppur si muove [Galileo]; es bildet ein Talent sich in der Stille, sich ein Charakter in dem Strom der Welt.

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