3. Centrical dimensions; general

[Taking off] Divestment.

[Antonyms: investment (covering, clothing).]

[Nouns] divestment; taking off.

nudity; bareness; undress; dishabille [more]; the altogether; nudation, denudation; decortication, depilation, excoriation, desquamation; molting; exfoliation; trichosis.

[Verbs] divest; uncover (cover [more]); denude, bare, strip; disfurnish; undress, disrobe (dress, enrobe [more]); uncoif; dismantle; put off, take off, cast off; doff; peel, pare, decorticate, excoriate, skin, scalp, flay; expose, lay open; exfoliate, molt, mew; cast the skin.

[Adjectives] divested; bare, naked, nude; undressed, undraped; exposed; in dishabille; bald, threadbare, ragged, callow, roofless.

in a state of nature, in nature's garb, in the buff, in native buff, in birthday suit; in puris naturalibus; with nothing on, stark naked; bald as a coot, bare as the back of one's hand; out at elbows; barefoot; bareback, barebacked; leafless, napless, hairless.

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