[Antonyms: distance.]

[Nouns] nearness; proximity, propinquity; vicinity, vicinage; neighborhood, adjacency; contiguity [more].

short distance, short step, short cut; earshot, close quarters, stone's throw; bow shot, gun shot, pistol shot; hair's breadth, span.

purlieus, neighborhood, vicinage, environs, alentours, suburbs, confines, banlieue, borderland; whereabouts.

bystander; neighbor, borderer.

approach [more]; convergence [more]; perihelion.

[Verbs] be near; adjoin, hang about, trench on; border upon, verge upon; stand by, approximate, tread on the heels of, cling to, clasp, hug; huddle; hang upon the skirts of, hover over; burn.

bring near, draw near [more]; converge [more]; crowd [more]; place side by side

[Adjectives] near, nigh; close at hand, near at hand; close, neighboring; bordering upon, contiguous, adjacent, adjoining; proximate, proximal; at hand, handy; near the mark, near run; home, intimate.

[Adverbs] near, nigh; hard by, fast by; close to, close upon; hard upon; at the point of; next door to; within reach, within call, within hearing, within earshot; within an ace of; but a step, not far from, at no great distance; on the verge of, on the brink of, on the skirts of; in the environs; at one's door, at one's feet, at one's elbow, at one's finger's end, at one's side; on the tip of one's tongue; under one's nose; within a stone's throw; in sight of, in presence of; at close quarters; cheek by jole, cheek by jowl; beside, alongside, side by side, tete-a-tete; in juxtaposition (touching) [more]; yardarm to yardarm, at the heels of; on the confines of, at the threshold, bordering upon, verging to; in the way.

about; hereabouts, thereabouts; roughly, in round numbers; approximately, approximatively; as good as, well-nigh.

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