I [Verbs] ORDER


[Reduction to Order] Arrangement.

[Antonyms: derangement.]

[Nouns] arrangement; plan [more]; preparation [more]; disposal, disposition; collocation, allocation; distribution; sorting; assortment, allotment, apportionment, taxis, taxonomy, syntaxis, graduation, organization; grouping; tabulation.

analysis, classification, clustering, division, digestion.

[Result of arrangement] digest; synopsis (compendium) [more]; syntagma, table, atlas; file, database; register (record) [more]; organism, architecture.

[Instrument for sorting] sieve, riddle, screen, sorter.

[Verbs] reduce to order, bring into order; introduce order into; rally.

arrange, dispose, place, form; put in order, set in order, place in order; set out, collocate, pack, marshal, range, size, rank, group, parcel out, allot, distribute, deal; cast the parts, assign the parts; dispose of, assign places to; assort, sort; sift, riddle; put to rights, set to rights, put into shape, put in trim, put in array; apportion.

class, classify; divide; file, string together, thread; register (record) [more]; catalogue, tabulate, index, graduate, digest, grade.

methodize, regulate, systematize, coordinate, organize, settle, fix.

unravel, disentangle, ravel, card; disembroil; feaze.

[Adjectives] arranged; embattled, in battle array; cut and dried; methodical, orderly, regular, systematic.

[Phrases] "In vast cumbrous array" [Churchill]

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