I [Verbs] ORDER



[Antonyms: disorder.]

[Nouns] order, regularity, uniformity, symmetry, lucidus ordo; music of the spheres.

gradation, progression; series (continuity) [more].

subordination; course, even tenor, routine; method, disposition, arrangement, array, system, economy, discipline; orderliness.

rank, place (term) [more].

[Verbs] be in order, become in order; form, fall in, draw up; arrrange itself, range itself, place itself; fall into one's place, take one's place, take one's rank; rally round.

adjust, methodize, regulate, systematize.

[Adjectives] orderly, regular; in order, in trim, in apple-pie order, in its proper place; neat, tidy, en regle, well regulated, correct, methodical, uniform, symmetrical, shipshape, businesslike, systematic; unconfused [more]; arranged [more].

[Adverbs] in order; methodically; in turn, in its turn; step by step; by regular steps, by gradations, by stages, by intervals; seriatim, systematically, by clockwork, gradatim; at stated periods (periodically) [more].

[Phrases] natura non facit saltum; "order is heaven's first law" [Pope]; "order from disorder sprung" [Paradise Lost]; ordo est parium dispariumque rerum sua loca tribuens dispositio [St. Augustine].

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