4. Indirect Power


[Antonyms: absence of influence.]

[Nouns] influence; importance [more]; weight, pressure, preponderance, prevalence, sway; predominance, predominancy; ascendency; dominance, reign; control, domination, pull; authority [more]; capability (power) [more]; effect [more]; interest.

footing; purchase (support) [more]; play, leverage, vantage ground.

tower of strength, host in himself; protection, patronage, auspices.

[Verbs] have influence; be influential; carry weight, weigh, tell; have a hold upon, magnetize, bear upon, gain a footing, work upon; take root, take hold; strike root in.

run through, pervade; prevail, dominate, predominate; outweigh, overweigh; override, overbear; gain head; rage; be rife; spread like wildfire; have the upper hand, get the upper hand, gain the upper hand, have full play, get full play, gain full play.

be recognized, be listened to; make one's voice heard, gain a hearing; play a part, play a leading part, play a leading part in; take the lead, pull the strings; turn the scale, throw one's weight into the scale; set the fashion, lead the dance.

[Adjectives] influential, effective; important [more]; weighty; prevailing; prevalent, rife, rampant, dominant, regnant, predominant, in the ascendant, hegemonical.

[Adverbs] with telling effect.

[Phrases] tel maure tel valet.

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