2. COMPLEX CHANGE; Future events


[Nouns] destiny (necessity) [more]; future existence, post existence; hereafter; future state, next world, world to come, after life; futurity [more]; everlasting life, everlasting death; life beyond the grave, world beyond the grave; prospect (expectation) [more].

[Verbs] impend; hang over, lie over; threaten, loom, await, come on, approach, stare one in the face; foreordain, preordain; predestine, doom, have in store for.

[Adjectives] impending; destined; about to be, happen; coming, in store, to come, going to happen, instant, at hand, near; near, close at hand; over hanging, hanging over one's head, imminent; brewing, preparing, forthcoming; in the wind, in the cards, on the cards, in reserve; that will, is to be; in prospect (expected) [more]; looming in the distance, horizon, future; unborn, in embryo; in the womb of time, futurity; pregnant (producing) [more].

[Adverbs] in time, in the long run; all in good time; eventually [more]; whatever may happen (certainly) [more]; as chance would have it [more]; che sara sara ["Whatever will be will be" (Italian)].

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