[Gradual change to something different] Conversion.

[Nouns] conversion, reduction, transmutation, resolution, assimilation; evolution, sea change; change of state; assumption; naturalization; transportation; development [biol.], developing [photography].

[conversion of currency] conversion of currency, exchange of currency; exchange rate; bureau de change.

chemistry, alchemy; progress, growth, lapse, flux.

passage; transit, transition; transmigration, shifting; phase; conjugation; convertibility.

crucible, alembic, caldron, retort.

onvert, pervert, renegade, apostate.

[Verbs] be converted into; become, get, wax; come to, turn to, turn into, evolve into, develop into; turn out, lapse, shift; run into, fall into, pass into, slide into, glide into, grow into, ripen into, open into, resolve itself into, settle into, merge into, emerge as; melt, grow, come round to, mature, mellow; assume the form of, assume the shape of, assume the state of, assume the nature of, assume the character of; illapse; begin a new phase, assume a new phase, undergo a change.

convert into, resolve into; make, render; mold, form [more]; remodel, new model, refound, reform, reorganize; assimilate to, bring to, reduce to.

[Adjectives] converted into; convertible, resolvable into; transitional; naturalized.

[Adverbs] gradually, (slowly) [more] in transitu (transference) [more].

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