[Change from action to rest] Cessation.

[Antonyms: continuance.]

[Nouns] cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence.

intermission, remission; suspense, suspension; interruption; stop; stopping; closure, stoppage, halt; arrival [more].

pause, rest, lull, respite, truce, drop; interregnum, abeyance; cloture [U.S. Congress].

dead stop, dead stand, dead lock; finis, cerrado; blowout, burnout, meltdown, disintegration; comma, colon, semicolon, period, full stop; end [more]; death [more].

[Verbs] cease, discontinue, desist, stay, halt; break off, leave off; hold, stop, pull up, stop short; stick, hang fire; halt; pause, rest; burn out, blow out, melt down.

have done with, give over, surcease, shut up shop; give up (relinquish) [more].

hold one's hand, stay one's hand; rest on one's oars, repose on one's laurels.

come to a stand, come to a standstill; come to a deadlock, come to a full stop; arrive [more]; go out, die away; wear away, wear off; pass away (be past) [more]; be at an end; disintegrate, self-destruct.

intromit, interrupt, suspend, interpel; intermit, remit; put an end to, put a stop to, put a period to; derail; turn off, switch off, power down, deactivate, disconnect; bring to a stand, bring to a standstill; stop, cut short, arrest, stem the tide, stem the torrent; pull the check-string, pull the plug on.

[Interjections] hold! stop! enough! avast! have done! a truce to! soft! leave off! tenez!

[Phrases] "I pause for a reply" [Julius Caesar].

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