2. RELATIVE TIME; Time with reference to an effect or purpose


[Antonyms: lateness.]

[Nouns] earliness; morning [more].

punctuality; promptitude (activity) [more]; haste (velocity) [more]; suddenness (instantaneity) [more].

prematurity, precocity, precipitation, anticipation; a stitch in time.

[Verbs] be early, be beforehand; keep time, take time by the forelock, anticipate, forestall; have the start, gain the start; steal a march upon; gain time, draw on futurity; bespeak, secure, engage, preengage.

accelerate; expedite (quicken) [more]; make haste (hurry) [more].

[Adjectives] early, prime, forward; prompt (active) [more]; summary.

premature, precipitate, precocious; prevenient, anticipatory; rath.

sudden (instantaneous) [more]; unexpected [more]; near, near at hand; immediate.

[Adverbs] early, soon, anon, betimes, rath; eft, eftsoons; ere long, beforelong, shortly.

beforehand; prematurely; precipitately (hastily) [more]; too soon; before its time, before one's time; in anticipation; unexpectedly [more].

suddenly (instantaneously) [more]; before one can say "Jack Robinson", at short notice, extempore; on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion [Bacon]; at once; on the spot, on the instant; at sight; offhand, out of hand; a' vue d'oeil; straight, straightway, straightforth; forthwith, incontinently, summarily, immediately, briefly, shortly, quickly, speedily, apace, before the ink is dry, almost immediately, presently at the first opportunity, in no long time, by and by, in a while, directly.

[Phrases] no sooner said than done, immediately, if not sooner; tout vient � temps pour qui sait attendre ["Everything comes in time for those who can wait" (French)].

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