2. RELATIVE TIME; Time with reference to succession


[Antonyms: oldness.]

[Nouns] newness; novelty, recency; immaturity; youth [more]; gloss of novelty.

innovation; renovation (restoration) [more].

modernism; mushroom, parvenu; latest fashion.

[Verbs] renew (restore) [more]; modernize.

[Adjectives] new, novel, recent, fresh, green; young [more]; evergreen; raw, immature; virgin; untried, unhandseled, untrodden, unbeaten; fire-new, span-new.

late, modern, neoteric, hypermodern, nouveau; newborn, nascent, neonatal [med.], new-fashioned, new-fangled, new-fledged; of yesterday; just out, brand-new, up to date, up to the minute, with it, fashionable, in fashion; in, hip [coll.]; vernal, renovated, sempervirent, sempervirid.

fresh as a rose, fresh as a daisy, fresh as paint; spick and span.

[Adverbs] newly; afresh, anew, lately, just now, only yesterday, the other day; latterly, of late.

not long ago, a short time ago.

[Phrases] di novello tutto par bello; nullum est jam dictum quod non dictum est prius ["Nothing is said now that was not said before" (Latin)]; una scopa nuova spazza bene ["A new broom sweeps well" (Italian)].

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