2. RELATIVE TIME; Time with reference to succession

[Retrospective time.] Preterition.

[Antonyms: futurity.]

[Nouns] preterition, the past, past time; days of yore, times of yore, days of old, times of old, days past, times past, days gone by, times gone by; bygone days; old times, ancient times, former times; fore time; the good old days, the olden time, good old time; auld lang syne; eld.

antiquity, antiqueness, status quo; time immemorial; distance of time; remote age, remote time; remote past; rust of antiquity

paleontology, paleography, paleology; palaetiology, archaeology; archaism, antiquarianism, medievalism, Pre-Raphaelitism; retrospect, retrospection, looking back, memory [more].

laudator temporis acti; medievalist, Pre-Raphaelite; antiquary, antiquarian; archmologist; archaeologist; Oldbuck, Dryasdust.

ancestry (paternity) [more].

[Verbs] be past; have expired, have run its course, have had its day; pass; pass by, go by, pass away, go away, pass off, go off; lapse, blow over.

look back, trace back, cast the eyes back; exhume.

[Adjectives] past, gone, gone by, over, passed away, bygone, foregone; elapsed, lapsed, preterlapsed, expired, no more, run out, blown over, has-been, that has been, extinct, antediluvian, antebellum, never to return, gone with the wind, exploded, forgotten, irrecoverable; obsolete (old) [more].

former, pristine, quondam, ci-devant, late; ancestral.

foregoing; last, latter; recent, overnight; preterperfect, preterpluperfect.

looking back; retrospective, retroactive; archaeological

[Adverbs] formerly; of old, of yore; erst, whilom, erewhile, time was, ago, over; in the olden time; anciently, long ago, long since; a long while, a long time ago; years ago, yesteryear, ages ago; some time ago, some time since, some time back.

yesterday, the day before yesterday; last year, ultimo; lately (newly) [more].

retrospectively; ere now, before now, till now; hitherto, heretofore; no longer; once, once upon a time; from time immemorial, from prehistoric times; in the memory of man; time out of mind; already, yet, up to this time; ex post facto.

[Phrases] time was; the time has been, the time hath been; you can't go home again; fuimus Troes [Vergil. "We were Trojans" (Latin)]; fruit Ilium [Vergil]; hoc erat in more majorum ["This was in the custom of our ancestors" (Latin)]; "O call back yesterday, bid time return" [Richard II]; tempi passati ["Times past" (Italian)]; "the eternal landscape of the past" [Tennyson]; ultimus Romanorum ["The last of the Romans" (Latin)]; "what's past is prologue" [Tempest]; "whose yesterdays look backward with a smile" [Young].

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