Put the Word of the Day On Your Web Page

Simple Version (Javascript)

The simple version of our syndicated Word of the Day feature uses JavaScript to provide your visitors with a new word to learn every day. All it takes is one line of code!

This code provides a Word of the Day link that opens in the same browser window or frame:

If you would prefer that the link opens a new browser window, use this code:

Select the code, then copy and paste it into your Web page.

Here's what it looks like in a page:

We've centered it here; you can add your own formatting like font color, face and size, style sheets, etc. For information on developing Web pages, we recommend books from O'Reilley & Associates, including (click book title for purchasing info at Amazon.com):

HTML & XHTML : The Definitive Guide

Web Design in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference

Expert Version

If you are interested in our expert version, please click here.

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