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lap of luxury

  • as inopulence
  • as inriches
  • as insuccess
  • as inwealth
  • as inbed of roses
  • as ineasy street
  • as ingood life
  • as ingravy train
  • as inhog heaven
  • as inlife of Riley
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Synonyms for lap of luxury

noun wealth

Antonyms for lap of luxury

  • dearth
  • deficiency
  • economy
  • frugality
  • lack
  • poorness
  • poverty

More words related to lap of luxury

bed of roses

noun. comfortable situation
  • clover
  • comfort
  • lap of luxury
  • life of ease
  • luxury
  • milk and honey
  • paradise
  • the good life
  • velvet

easy street

noun. financial security

good life

noun. life of ease

gravy train

noun. income obtained with minimal effort

hog heaven

noun. great happiness

life of Riley

noun. easy life
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