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gamble on

  • as inlean
  • as inrely
  • as inbank on
  • as intrust
  • as in
  • as inrely on
  • as independ
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Synonyms for gamble on

verb count, depend on
  • confide
  • rely
  • trust
  • bank on
  • believe in
  • bet bottom dollar
  • bet on
  • gamble on
  • have faith
  • hinge on
  • lay money on
  • put faith in

Antonyms for gamble on

  • distrust
  • keep
  • dislike
  • disregard
  • forget
  • not like
  • straighten

More words related to gamble on

bank on

verb. depend upon

banked on

verb. depend upon

banking on

verb. depend upon

banks on

verb. depend upon

bet one's bottom dollar

verb. wager the last of one's money


verb. count on, rely upon
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