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blew top

  • as inrage
  • as inrant
  • as inrave
  • as in
  • as in
  • as in
  • as inrhapsodize
  • as inflip out
  • as infreak out
  • as ingo crazy
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Synonyms for blew top

verb be angry

Antonyms for blew top

  • be calm
  • be quiet
  • compliment
  • flatter
  • praise
  • be happy

More words related to blew top

blow one's stack

verb. become violently angry
  • blow a fuse
  • blow one's top
  • blow up
  • get mad
  • lose one's temper

flip one's wig

verb. lose one's cool

flip out

verb. lose one's cool

freak out

verb. lose control


noun. uncontrolled state or situation

go crazy

verb. become insane
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