A person who is bilingual can speak two languages with the fluency of a native. A text may also be bilingual if it contains similar information in two different languages, and a community like Montreal, Canada where both French and English are spoken is considered to be bilingual.

Bilingual is a word that refers to a person who can speak two languages with the fluency of a native. A word that describes a person who can speak three languages with this level of fluency is trilingual. Polyglot and multilingual refer to a person who can speak or write in many languages.
Bilingualism goes beyond language speakers. Communities, schools, books, or websites can also be bilingual. Studies suggest that bilingual children maybe have increased cognitive abilities. People who are bilingual and who use both languages regularly practice code switching. This is the seamless alternate use of two more languages or varieties of language. While this was once considered to be confusing for children, current studies have debunked this theory. It is now widely held that bilingualism is beneficial for brain development.